Címlap Sales

inquiry, purchase order and

In case of any question or demand as per our products  and/or  services please feel free  to contact our sales collegues at any time.
Inquiries are elaborating in close connection with our production engineering  and each of them is considered as a ’project’ which is offered in a format of tailor-made solution to our customer within 1-3 days  from receipt of customer’s inquiry. Basically we offer delivery time with 3-4 weeks from receipt of the order.
In case of special material grades the production/delivery time  can be elongated due to the purchase process of raw materials.      
Moreover there are also possibilities when either we can deliver the goods ordered from our stock or we can find the way to produce the goods ordered within 1-2 days from receipt of order.
Delivery terms we basicly use are EXW, CPT or sometimes CIF as per INCOTERMS 2012 and the privity between us and our partners can be concluded only upon written acceptance of our confirmation of order.

payment terms

When a partner is regularly buying from our company and his turnover is running over a certain limit laid down in our financial regulations and additionally our credit ensurance company’s rating is positive means that Technokov Kft. ensures him a differed payment with net 30 days.  
It is also possible that we can ensure a longer payment period but in this case we always use factoring and thus we could  ensure a differed payment with maximum net 90 days.
Besides the differed payment we naturally accept also Letter of Credit and Bankguarantee as payment method.