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Hot pressing of different vehicle industry parts has a decade of tradition in the workshop of Technokov Kft.As a part of this activity we produce bus parts (bumper parts, air-cushioning units), truck parts (axle housings, covers), and railway vehicle parts (bracing,anchor plates and frame units of person cars and freight cars).

The type selection of the products is getting wider year by year. Apart of the Hungarian market we deliver more and more products to foreign markets as well. We aspire to deliver our products in high processed level (e.g. blast cleaned, ready to be painted surface, ready to be installed, to be welded, edge preparations).

The technical team of Technokov Kft. is open to execute any kind of customers' demand. With our colleagues experienced in product-, manufacturing-, and tool design in 2008 we started to bend different types of excavator parts, and still carry it out in enlarging selection.